Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A New Interview with Christopher Tolkien

Just a quick post to point out a new interview with Christopher Tolkien appeared in French in Le Monde for 7 July 2012.  The full article is on the web here, and a translation into English by Sedulia Scott appears here.


  1. A very interesting interview/article indeed. Thanks for posting it, Doug. Some factual errors by reporter, not suprisingly, but some extraordinary statements by Christopher and Baille Tolkien.

  2. Thanks Doug, a fascinating chance to hear from the elusive "best beloved" himself. The Tolkien monster is out of control: what more proof do we need than the fact that The Hobbit has been turned into a trilogy!
    I remember when my own father read me the Hobbit. I was about seven years old, back in the mid-60s. No films, no TV, no mercandising - just the words, and my imagination. That was how it was meant to be, that is what we've lost.


    Ross Smith