Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Some New Tolkienian Checklists, etc.

I've had a number of recent publications that I'd like to note here. 

First, Tolkien Studies no. 18 (2021) is out, and it contains a fine obituary of Richard C. West by John D. Rateliff, paired with my updated "Richard C. West: A Checklist"--originally published in Tolkien Studies no. 2 (2005).  

Also, in the current issue of The Journal of Tolkien Research, vol. 13 issue 2 (2021), I have published three indices, as follows:

1. "Index to The Journal of Tolkien Research Volume 1 through Volume 13 issue 1" updated from its two previous appearances. 

2. "Index to Tolkien Studies Volume 1 (2004) through Volume 18 (2021)"

3. "A Checklist and Index to Lembas Extra 1985 to 2019"

All three are freely available as pdfs here

I also posted a new up-to-date version of my "Tom Shippey on J.R.R. Tolkien: A Checklist through 2022" at my Academia.edu page, here.  This is the third version of it. The first appeared in Tolkien Studies no. 1 (2004), and an updated one, "Tom Shippey on J.R.R. Tolkien: A Checklist through mid-2014," also appears on my Academia.edu page.  

These checklists and indices all began as personal aids to my memory--I spend too much time searching for various things I know I read some place in, say, some volume of Tolkien Studies, but which one?  I thought I would share them in case other people might find them useful. I may polish up a few more, and post them similarly. One serial I'm happy that I don't need to index is Mythlore, for there is already an excellent index, Mythlore Index Plus, compiled by (and maintained by) Janet Brennan Croft and Edith Crowe. It is freely available here.

And speaking of Mythlore, my book review of God and the Gothic (2018) by Alison Milbank, recently appeared there in issue no. 139 (Fall/Winter 2021).  The full issue is available here, while my review is also available at my Academia.edu page (link above). 

I have a short note coming out this winter in the next Mallorn: The Journal of the Tolkien Society. A few other non-Tolkien-related items are under consideration at other journals, and there are a few other Tolkien-related pieces close to completion. More about them once they land.