Sunday, January 10, 2016

TALES BEFORE TOLKIEN hardcover special for January through the end of March 2016

**update March 31st 2016.  This special has now ended**

**update February 24th 2016. I've still got some copies of this book, and will extend this special sale to the end of March**

In resorting boxes of books, I've found a cache of new hardcovers of my 2003 anthology, Tales Before Tolkien (Ballantine Books). It was published simultaneously in hardcover (originally priced at $27.95) and trade paperback, but the hardcover didn't get very good distribution. In any case, I bought a number of copies from the publisher way back then, and I can offer these as brand new, fresh out of their boxes.  For the rest of January 2016, or until I run out of copies, I'll offer them for US$13 each, postpaid to US addresses.  I can sign/inscribe copies if requested to do so. Payment via Paypal, to nodensbooks[at]gmail[dot]com.

Anyone outside the US who is interested please inquire (to the same email address) and I'll see what the postage would be (some years ago, the international rates went up considerably. At a rough estimate, postage alone for this book to the UK, via the cheapest option of First Class International, now looks to be around US$26. Sorry, I'm aghast too.)

My original title for the book was Roots of the Mountain: Fantasy Before Tolkien, but the marketing department didn't like that. Here is the table of contents of the book:


“The Elves” by Ludwig Tieck
“The Golden Key”  by George Macdonald
“Puss-Cat Mew”  by E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen
“The Griffin and the Minor Canon” by Frank R. Stockton
“The Demon Pope”  by Richard Garnett
“The Story of Sigurd”  retold by Andrew Lang
“The Folk of the Mountain Door”  by William Morris
“Black Heart and White Heart: A Zulu Idyll” by H. Rider Haggard
“The Dragon Tamers” by E. Nesbit
“The Far Islands” by John Buchan
“The Drawn Arrow”  by Clemence Housman
“The Enchanted Buffalo” by L. Frank Baum
“Chu-bu and Sheemish” by Lord Dunsany
“The Baumoff Explosive” by William Hope Hodgson
“The Regent of the North” by Kenneth Morris
“The Coming of the Terror” by Arthur Machen
“The Elf Trap”  by Francis Stevens
“The Thin Queen of Elfhame” by James Branch Cabell
“The Woman of the Wood” by A. Merritt
“Golithos the Ogre”  by E. A. Wyke-Smith
“The Story of Alwina” by Austin Tappan Wright
“A Christmas Play”  by David Lindsay

Author Notes and Recommended Reading


  1. Awesome! I tried to get a copy of this through Amazon for your "Roots of the Mountain" class at Mythgard but they were out at the time. Just sent you payment for a copy now. Thanks so much for this offer!

    1. Thanks! Your book is packed up and ready to go into the post tomorrow.

    2. Yes I want one, thank you so much! Please sign it for me Yay!

  2. Wonderful collection. Paypal, do your stuff!

  3. Doug, I'll place an order later today. Thanks!

  4. All orders so far are now in the post. Thanks!

  5. I would love one! Show me how to place my order!

    1. Details are in the post above. I've extended the offer through the end of March.

  6. I know my ignorance is showing, but exactly how does one order your Before Tolkien book? I don't see a link to an order form.

    1. No worry. There is no order form. Basically, you need a Paypal account, and you direct the payment to my paypal account, connected to my email address as given in the posting (removing the bracketed words). It's US$13 postpaid to US addresses. If you're in a foreign country, email me (same address) with the location and I'll check the rates and let you know the result. The postage for overseas mailing is high (since the USPS cut surface rather some years ago and insists that everything be sent airmail). Thus the total price for one book shipped to Europe is about US$36